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Part V - Medieval Britain

Zenesty's Version of "To The One I Love"

To the One I loved

By: Zeneste Apresto, BSICT


When you came into my life

Everything has changed.

Because are you always making me smile,

My heart beats so fast whenever you’re around.



I was expecting that you would become mine,

Shocked with joy when you said, “would you be mine?”

All I thought were just friends, friendship

That turns in a good & strong relationship.



God knows how much I love you,

And I was blessed till I found you.

You're the only one,

And my only one,

The one that I will love for the rest of my life.

I'll do everything so that our relationship will last

And I hope it will be forever...



I really thank God because he gave you to me.

I know you're always there for me.

Thanks for the love and care.

I love you so much... and that’s I swear!!!!


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