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Part V - Medieval Britain

Marie Grace's version of "To The One I Love"

For you my Love
By: Marie Grace de Guzman

Your eyes are like stars in the sky,
Everyday you lighten my way.
Your eyes are blinking every time i see you,
I promise that till the end, I will always love you ...

My love for you will never tend
You've been my inspiration till the days end.
You always support me in everything i do,
Your my love, forever i promise you ....

Thank you my love for everything,
Letting me smile, that's what you are making.
For making me feel that I'm special,
For loving me all the time...

Oh my love,
Thank you for entering my life
You make my life complete
Thank you for loveing me for what i am
I will love you till the end, that surely am....

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