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Part V - Medieval Britain

I wrote this poem sometime in December 2004.


by: J. Sison


I can see in your eyes that you are hiding something from me.

 I know that you have been always lying to me.

I have always been wondering why you have come into my life.

What is the purpose of your existence?


Is it because you are just here to make me fall in love with you?

Is it because you are always making fun of boys?

Is it really because you are afraid to fall in love and be hurt?

Or is it because you are already falling in love with me?


I have been always gentle guy...

I have been always happy and never felt the feeling of emptiness

But when you came into my life,

My world suddenly change... it turns up-side-down.


I have never been so uncool in my life...

I have never been so unreal...

I have never been so empty whenever you are not around

I have never been missing someone before the way I miss you..


What is your purpose of coming into my life?

If I will ask you to live with me and be my love...

Will you stay and be with me FOREVER...?


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