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Part V - Medieval Britain

This love poem is written by Lizly Ann G. Martinez, a Bachelor of Elementary Education Student

by: L. A. G. Martinez
There is something inside of me I can't explain
A feeling so strange that makes me insane
I can't describe the way it makes me happy
A feeling of me that no one else can copy
It all started when we first meet not so long ago,
And then a strange feeling on me suddenly grow
The vision of your face kept coming back to me,]
 It started too long that I always wanted you near me.
I tried all my best not to make it show,
But the love over me wants to flow
Because the days of my life wouldn't be complete
If I can't see you pass by the street.
I know that is harder than I imagined
Because I know that we have a big margin
Because that wouln't stop me from trying best
Because only fools are hopeless and I'm not the one of the rest.
My friemds keep telling me that I'm like a fool,
To love a guy like you is just like breaking the rules
But I told them with all my glee
The important question is... ... Will you also LOVE ME?.

37 Alvear II Street
Lingayen, Pangasinan
Philippines, 2401